A 13-year-old hero saves 15 children by carrying them in his arms during a fire

A 13-year-old hero saves 15 children by carrying them in his arms during a fire

Odessa city councillor Oleksandr Ivanytskyy was the 1st to communicate approximately the 13-year-old young man who blessed 15 children during a conflagration in Odessa’s Viktoriya camp. The boy’s denomination is Maxim Tikhonchuk. He carried children out of 5 rooms». That’s 15 children’s lives! And on Mon he dispassionate went to school with burnt hands…», Alexander Ivanitsky wrote on Facebook. «Despite the entirety he’s been through, Maksim is in reality a 2nd day in class,» maintains Maksim Tihonchuk’s teacher, «Maksim is extremely modest, he doesn’t according to to talking approximately himself.

This young man is a substantial hero. When a conflagration broke out in the camp, Maksim was in another building. on the other hand when he saw that the construction coterminous door was on fire, he reacted at the moment — he ran straight into the construction to receive the children out. According to Maksim, the conflagration poverty-stricken out extremely quickly. Maxim broke windows and doors — he got the children out. He blessed lots of people. He couldn’t dispassionate predispose into the extension where the 3 mesdemoiselles had died.

There was insignificancy he could do — the threshold had liquid fine-tune and would not open. aphorism is extremely worried approximately this. He all the more blames himself that these children died… I don’t be convinced every pornographic could have finished what this descendant did. A fire at the Victoria Children’s wellness heterogeneous started in the unpunctual nightfall of 15 Sept 2017. The construction where the conflagration poverty-stricken out burned-over to the ground.

3 children died in the conflagration and 2 others were hospitalised. Eyewitnesses composition that several children jumped out of the windows of the building during the fire.

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