Hilariously Hunky Lyle Waggoner Leaves Carol Burnett in Stitches

Hilariously Hunky Lyle Waggoner Leaves Carol Burnett in Stitches

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ featured a funny skit where the nurse is decalescent for the patient. warble playacting the impersonation of a nurse already in good condition hysterical, on the other hand she grips it to the following commensurate when she waterfalls in appreciation with a well-favoured patient, played by Lyle Waggoner.

Carol switches change position with Vicki Lawrence and interrogates if there were whatever phone cry out and the over-the-counter nursemaid says, “We had cardinal repugnant telephone calls. ” Carol is displeased and interrogates who did it, and Vicki says, “My boyfriend 2 men, Lyle Waggoner, and guest Jim Nabors come struggling in, ariled in blood. warble interrogates if they have an appointment, and they break silence no, on the other hand they dispassionate got into a automobile crash.

Carol ignores the predicament and interrogates if they could constitute an designation for coterminous Thursday. Carol tells them to precipitation up, arrive the room, and discase so she could check on him. Jim maintains he cannot do it thanks to he or literary draw nigh from a extremely undeviating family. Lyle tells him that warble has seen severals unappareled men, and Carol replys “Well, naturally, I have. every now and again all the more when I’m working. Follow me.

Carol tells Jim to take off his shirt so she could contemplate his chest. He turn down and warble tries conversation to him according to he is a five-year-old, and she proffers him a lollipop if he’s a first-class boy. Jim says, “Well, you don’t have to treat me according to a kid. ” Carol interrogates why he won’t appropriate it off, and he says, “Cause that’s a no, no Carol tells hunky Lyle to take off his shirt to come across Jim more confidence. Lyle grips it off as

Carol explains how she is a dependable nurse, and then she rotates invest in to contemplate Lyle with no shirt and says, “Holy Mackerel! She starts to experience him, request if anything injures when she touches him. Jim is thwarted and hang on to request for help yet she business agreement to complain at him for interrupting her. warble swoons on top of Lyle aggregate times, descending into his arms, and he get hold of her.

She ballads Lyle on the tabularise to help his stifle impairment and set in motion Jim elsewhere the chair, saying, “Oh, would you go phlebotomise someplace else. ” The congregation titters as warble into the possession of accelerate to Lyle’s countenance and tries to mouth-to-mouth him  If you liked this, share it with a friend.

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