The Osmonds join Cher for a show-stopping Stevie Wonder medley

The Osmonds join Cher for a show-stopping Stevie Wonder medley

There’s beyond belief star power when you combine the magic of ‘The Osmonds’ with the extraordinary articulation of Cher. In 1975, on ‘The Cher Show,’ the musical legends composed strengths on a Stevie Wonder medley. The Osmonds and Cher are wearing funky red, purple, and blue one-piece outfits with scintillation all on top of them.

Donny plays a extraordinary keyboard suspension from the ceiling on the first song ‘You Are The temperateness of My Life. Subsequently the 1st song, Cher transitions, saying, “You be acquainted anybody who attachments rock ‘n’ roll knows that strain is 1 of the greatest affect melodies on all sides of today, hold together guys? And my accumulation and I agree on 1 thing, we appreciation the fellow who wrote it. You be acquainted who we’re conversation about? Music male of the ’70s.

Stevie Wonder. They all accomplishment to the fore-part and inauguration to intersperse their feet. They terpsichore collectively partiality moves yet vocalizing and vibration their hips, clapping their hands, and motioning their feet to the Stevie tune ‘Higher Ground. They carry forward to dazzle the congregation with dancing and communication compatibilities on ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered, (I’m Yours)’ followed by ‘Superstition. ’ The combination concludes with Donny Osmond and Cher vocalizing to each over-the-counter on the classic Stevie song ‘For on a former occasion In My Life.

The Osmonds were a family accumulation that reached the dimension of their fame in the mid-70s. Cher had invited them to accomplish on her CBS variety established that premiered in 1975. over-the-counter famous visitors on the established included Elton John, Bette Midler, and Flip Wilson. Cher and The Osmonds performed the Stevie consternation medley with distinguished terpsichore moves and effervescent communication harmonies.

Their clothes and dancing made for an electrifying accomplishment of some of Stevie’s most girlfriend hits.

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